My Vision Boards (Part 2)

Creativity has always been a passion of mine. Every time I go to rehab, my greatest inspiration to move forward comes from the random art projects we create. I always feel kind of awkward when I create projects in rehab because nobody gets into it like I do.

My Vision Boards

I created these vision boards in rehab. I’m the only person here who creates vision boards.

We Can’t Hide (Lyrics)

We fly High high high high high high
We can’t hide Hide hide hide hide hide hide hide No love too great No hope to high

Can’t Touch This (Poem)

Take my money I’ll dig you a hole Call me a sinner I’ll play that rolen Mock my ingenuity I’ll make you scream my name And if you try to crush my fervency I’ll burn you just the same

Minefield (Poem)

Evading thoughts of you in my minefield I tried to take a little step But my heart slipped I ain’t gon find no other way than the one that takes me higher

You’re Like the Sunshine (Lyrics)

Better known for the frown on your face You walk around like you don’t really give a hot damn Lost all your faith from standing on the wall

Play the 8 Track (Poem)

All hopeful recovering alcoholics beware the wiles of summer are almost here Sunny days and starlit nights Aromatic breezes and charismatic sights

Just Remain Calm (Poem)

The kings of the world keep playing that song The one with the hook that says, “Just remain calm!”

To My Stalker (Poem)

Stop stalking me stalker I know you’re watching Cuz that’s what stalkers do And you been watching me since way back when I don’t know what kinda weird ass shit you be into

Oh Shit (Lyrics)

I got my mind outside ya’ll Lit up on the strip Flagging down a unicorn Flippin my shit How long? Before I’m laying on the sidewalk Praying I don’t die