Divine Justice (Poem)

You’re sending me good vibrations
You’re ticking up all those boxes in my list of sensations
Goodness gracious
Your great balls of fire are filling my cup

STOP! (Poem)

You’re driving me bananas
Get out of my head
Before I slip and fall from the high you flow
I see stars as calm my chest

Acting like a Newborn (Poem)

It’s not hard to see
Why I can’t get my way
Why my pleas end in silence
Why my words spawn disgrace
My whole world is a maze
When I’m acting like a newborn

I Don’t Pray (Twelve Steps)

I don’t pray
I believe in God
I believe the spirit speaks through us
I believe in the secret way
But I don’t pray

Affirmation (Poem)

AM the sickle
that pummels
the trappers
AM the flood
that shatters
the world

Sick Me (Poem)

Here are the terms of my surrender
I’ll submit to your power if you deliver my demands
Show me some proof that I’ll get what I want
And I’ll bend to your prowess without fear nor taunt

Let me try this again… (Twelve Steps)

Hello, my name is Maria and I am a…
fall down
barf shit and never clean it up
saint by day demon by night

The Bough Breaks (Lyrics)

Down by the river
I see the sunflowers in the rain
And I can’t forgive that double rainbow
For finding me a dead end road again

Beneath the Crack (Poem)

Days seem like hours
Three months went by last week Plans are all forgotten
Woes are all I speak

I Want to Live (Poem)

I want to live
Not just exist
Trying to survive one day to the next I want to love
Impervious love
Not the kind of love that can’t stand it all