Cannibal Stew (Poem)

I poured my guts into your hideaway Naive as it may be I thought you’d shelter me Bit by bit Sliver by sliver You took it all to make cannibal stew

Dire is the End (Poem)

Peter pays for Paul in this wicked age Dire is the end of this system of slaves Bemused by dazzling paltry things As the land turns to desert And the seas are besieged Poison air and plastic rain Pesticides pollute the plains Nothing left to call pristine As we capitalize off all the living

Speakin Jibberish (Poem)

What the… Who wrote this? It couldn’t have been me Someone must’ve jacked my shit To make a fool of me I don’t speak in jibberish I speak in parables

Little do they Know (Poem)

They think they own the cream that makes the butter Little do they know They think they are the kings of every land Little do they know They think their achievements are a world of wonder Little do they know They think their wealth is a bird in the hand Little do they know…

Rendezvous with Death (Poem)

Death is a slip that makes us weep Yet a third of our lives are passed in sleep And the rest is spent chasing those things that cause to stir and agitate Tunnel vision beading in The works of futile hands Marveling in the craftsmanship that plunders every land Death to all the works of God As long as we get our fill

Mythical Lover (Poem)

Dance with me mythical lover Grant me a tour through your élan vital Enroll me in study of your sacred arts Subject me to your thrall Take me to paradise if but only in my dreams

3 A.M. (Tanka)

My loins jellify Yearning for your tenderness Waiting for so long Toss and turn I cannot sleep Three o’ clock in the morning

Hell Mary (Poem)

Angels be scary Can make or break the weary Of all the Earth’s creations Better run better hide when you see Hell Mary Ain’t nobody been to heaven Except the one who came down

Prepare for Takeoff (Poem)

Today is a super self-hating day I got a pocket full of moonshine And no reason to stay

Drunkalogue (Poem)

I’m not sure how my drunkalogue ends. I’m not sure if it will ever end. The only thing I’m sure of is it makes absolutely no sense. And it starts out like this…