Light the Fire (Poem)

This is not a joke
And it’s not an illusion

This is not a coincidence
And it’s not collusion

This is the real deal baby
We’re gonna light the fire

Please, just let it be
My one heart’s desire

You are the lock
And I Am the key

I want to open that door
So please
Just let it be

Master of Disaster (Poem)

Master of disaster
King of denial

If only I could save you
I wouldn’t walk a half a mile

You’re a thorn in my side
A splinter in my eye

The storm that rolls across my sky
The shame that makes me wonder why?

Trump the Dump (Poem)

Trump The Dump
Got us all lookin stumped

Wanna drain the swamp to make room for his cabbage
Bout as loyal to US as he is in a marriage

Can’t tell the difference between the ass and the mouth
Can’t wash his hands when he’s covered in filth

We got a worm in the office
And he’s having a feast

The Devil’s Lies (Poem)

The Devil been tellin me lies again
That I’m such a fool
I’m better off dead

He follows me around everywhere that I go
Every move that I make
Every seed that I sow

He’s the rule I can’t break
The crux to my fall
The pill on my tongue
The hate in my gall

Everyday is a heartache
And it all ends the same
Like I’m trapped in a Matrix
Lost in a game

I try to do what’s right
But I keep hearing all that noise
The Devil captivates my ear
Telling lies to fill the void

He says that I’m not worthy
My life is such a shame
I’ll never be much brighter
than a matchbox in the rain

But he’ll be brokenhearted
When I make him out a fool
As the light that shines inside my heart
Sheds the grace of truth

I Don’t Want to Live (Poem)

I don’t want to live no more
I don’t want to breathe
I don’t want to want
I don’t want to grieve

I just want to lay here helplessy
As I drift away into endless sleep

I want to bust my fist right through a wall
As I kick and scream and curse my fall

I want to bury my head in the sands of time
Jump off a cliff to see if I can fly

But I know I won’t do it
Cuz I know it ain’t right

So I’ll keep on truckin
Til I burn out my light

And I’ll keep on grieving
Cuz at the end of the day

My life is worth living
Just to get in your way

What if you fly? (Poem)

What if I fall?
Oh but my darling
What if you fly?
What if you reach for the stars?
And blow past the sky?

What if you spread out your wings
And glide through the night
Throwing shots at the wind
And the fading lights

What if you fall and get back up
with thrice the strength you had before
Then pick up the pace and rail through the storm

What if you forget your fears of loss
And all those things you do regret
And put your mind to all glory
of the gifts that you beget

You may fall
But oh my darling
I promise you will fly
You will spread those wings of glory
Like grace in the sky

The Perfect Drug (Poem)

I awoke this morning from a hapless dream
I found the perfect drug and a foolproof scheme
I watched in bliss as my life passed me by
My family, friends, my health and my pride
As I lost everything
I blamed it all on my luck

I Ain’t Right (Poem)

I ain’t right
I ain’t wrapped too tight
My screws are loose
And my scope is off sight
I got that monkey on my back
I got that thorn on my side
I got that bird in my brain

People, Places & Things (Poem)

People, places and things
Oh my

I just lost the key to my mind
I just slipped and fell on a bottle or two
I just bruised up my behind

I met some people
Found some places
Did some things I do regret

Today is a Present (Poem)

Tomorrow is the future
Yesterday is the past

Today is a present
A gift that may not last

If today were the last day you could ever hold a thought
Would you sit and dwell on the misery of all your hads and nots?

Would you cry up in your pillow
And wallow in your bed
Would you let the day transpire 
with all your words unsaid?
Would you tiptoe around the thoughts of love
you never thought you’d show?
And walk on eggshells through the dross
of all the strife you’ve come to know?
Or would you tip your hat to the future
that everybody wants to meet?
Flippin birds to the hurdles 
of the past that came to be
As you sit back and enjoy the present
The only gift you really have
And indulge in every moment
And drown out all the bad