The Sideliners (Scripture)

So tired yet so alert, half-asleep yet reluctant to close my eyes. Glaring at the creepy old church, broken windows, tattered moldings crafted by a skilled artisan. A spirited gust of cool, misty air came rustling through the barely cracked window. Spine-tingling relaxation swathed my wearied essence.

Captive Zion (Scripture)

Daughter Zion has become an object of horror
A song of mockery
An insolent taunt among the nations

No Love Found (Scripture)

And YHWH said to Maria: Tell these words to the Harlot IsraHELL: Regardless of who you think you are or what hat you wear, if you are cold blooded enough to be okay with perpetuating transgenerational trauma so you can claim some property then you have no love in you and YHWH, your God will smite you like the serpent you are…

Rise Again (Lyrics)

We are the diamonds in rough
No one can claim what they can’t find

We are the voices in the gutter
We won’t fall

Make it Last Through the Night (Lyrics)

Fly Like I’m running out of time Like a lamb on the low Like a thought on the way

If the Shoe Fits (Poem)

Tales of old are old tales told
Some tales grow cold
When the wrong tales are sold
But the oldest of tales are not tales at all
For truth outlives fiction
Whether bought or sold

Evolution (Poem)

God created man
As the most resilient race
But the angel of darkness entered our minds
And we fell from the purest grace

Commander of Parables (Scripture)

These are the words of He who is the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, the Holy Redeemer of Israel, God of all the Living. The message proclaimed since the beginning, in the garden of wisdom that bears the fruit of peace and prosperity until the end of times. The Word spoken among the prophets to direct the children of the Living God, to teach them how to prosper and guide them through the sacred path…

To be Inspired (Poem)

There is nothing more revolting
Nothing more undesiring
There is nothing more detestable
Than the inspiration of the uninspiring

Out of Fantasies (Poem)

He gave us Paradise
We gave it up for lies
He told us to be fruitful
We sowed the seeds of hell