Trial by Haze (Poem)

Something’s wrong I feel it in every ounce of my flesh It’s in the way things are The way they’re not supposed to be It’s in the way people look at me Lie and try to defy my right to fly But it’s not a right It’s the way Angels don’t have wings so they can skulk around in chains Every eve has its dawn And every dawn lights the way And every way is subject to trial by haze

What iSreAL? (Poem)

Gaze into the waters of the divine spirit Seek and you will find what iSreAL All that is forged is a mockery And all who mock are death in the wind What make one think they are worthy? Worth more than the life they take? When the life they take is what keeps them alive And the life they build is fake An illusion that won’t last forever Unless forever lasts til our downfall The collapse of ALL the Godless ways In the war against what iSreAL

Nightmare on Hell Street (Poem)

As tempests thrash in a distance too close to be acting loose Zion cries out Writhing in pain A woman giving birth to a child Do you hear Lady Wisdom calling? Can you hear Madame Insight raising her voice? She’s taken her stand in the heart of the city At the busiest intersection in the throngs of Times Square Where the numbers are highest She sets up her soapbox

No Seige Unpunished (Poem)

Sometimes When I have nothing better to do I bug out on life I think of how rEtArdEd the world is And imagine all the things I’d do if I had the chance Like… Delve deep into the Scriptures to gather the hidden gem So I can hark the good news of Kingdom Come And release the gates within Then start a revolution

The Sapphire and the Snakes (Parable)

Once upon a time, there was a fierce tribe of poets who reigned the hills of foresight with the fire in their words. The hills were surrounded by snakes who secretly wanted to be like the poets, but the snakes were too imbecillic so they decided to take the poets words as their own.

Take it How You want It (Poem)

I say what I say And you can take it how you want it I’m not oblidged to try to change your mind I don’t need to answer your questions Or react to your antics Or partipate in your boorish mind games If you can’t understand what I’m saying Then I’m not talking to you I don’t explain myself And I don’t pander to tools

The Curse to Come (Poem)

Something’s coming in the air alright But it ain’t some typa hippie lookin fairy on a cloud It’s the stench of pile up in an open grave that looks more like a garbage dump Full of bodies that no one can claim Cuz the claimants got hit with the curse just the same No force Not truth, not reason Not even punishment from the mighty rod is able to knock sense into the recesses of the powerless netherworld

Tearing Through Egypt (Poem)

God of the flaming arrows Lord of the bleeding hearts King of the Mountain of Lions Master of the art of war Step down from your throne in Zion Ignite volcanoes in the hearts of your pride A wild rampage tearing trough Egypt Lions who live for the war

Ground Zero (Poem)

Ground zero in the pyramid piques a lucid revelation When the breadth of what you know extends to the realm in front of you No news of wars and violence No rumors of what’s to come No memes inciting chaos No ads to rip you off Just a little bit of intrigue to proliforate your insight into what it takes to manifest a change within your reach

I Am the Truth (Poem)

I am the last because I am the first I am a servant with no master My parables pierce like arrows Through enemy gates they fall like rain A storm of fiery wisdom that feeds the blaze of sheol I am the truth And the way And the light And the Kingdom of Glory And the end of the world