The Narrow Path (Poem)

If we left the right And right is to the left Then straight is far from in between Traveling the narrow path is far from what it seems Judging by the standards of misled odysseys Right is never righteous And foul is never grieved

Flush the River of Love (Lyrics)

Why do you hate me?
(hate me, hate me, hate me)
Why can’t you love?

All the Way to the Flame (Lyrics)

Since I’m not fit to follow
No one is gonna break my faith
Sin City got a ticket to Neverland
What happens there don’t win nothing new

The Wayfarers (Scripture)

We are but passengers on the cruise ship of time. The wind never stops, and the promise of new storms never fade. As we drift the uncharted, the watchers stop watching, one by one. Eating, drinking, marrying and being given into marriage, groping for all the futile merriments that pervert due diligence.

Reap What You Sow (Poem)

If you want a head on a platter
Your head is good as they come
What you do will come back to you

Jesus Was (Poem)

Jesus was a send to all
A lighter up
A friend to foe
A treasure in a world so poor
A leader when the fallen call

Falling Back in Love with Scriptures

I’m working on my first post about the Scriptures titled, “The Church and the State are Prophesied to Ruin,” and my once overwhelming passion for Scripture is flooding back into every orifice of my being. At one point in life, I was obsessed with Scripture, poring through every book, connecting the puzzle pieces into one mindblowingly prophetic epiphany.