My Trusty Ole Bed (Journal Entry)

As I embark on my 9-5 residential aid internship I am weary of spending so much time away from my trusty ole bed. My bedding has been with me through hard times. I can always count on my bed to comfort me when I want to give up on life.

Certain ‘People’ Never Change (Journal Entry)

Some people make no sense. And any last bit of extra brain power I had for processing useless information was sapped through brain trauma aka PTSD.

Times Square Hustlers (Journal Entry)

Today was quite the eventful day. First I had to do paperwork for an internship as a residential aid in midtown Manhattan; whereupon I took these snazzy pics displayed on my Hell Mary poem.

Decisions decisions (Journal Entry)

I been trying to get into a NYC approved recovery coach program, but I keep hitting dead ends. I recently signed up for an internship program to work in the shelter system, which would get my foot in the door. I just found another program for the CRPA but if I do that and the other one I’ll be working round the clock.

I Stopped Biting My Nails (Journal Entry)

I been biting my nails since i can remember. My earliest memory of biting my nails must have been when I was two or three years old.

Free Acupuncture (Journal Entry)

I just dids me some free acupuncture. I been putting it on my itinerary for weeks, but I keep forgetting. My sober companion finally reminded me.

My Vision Boards (Part 2)

Creativity has always been a passion of mine. Every time I go to rehab, my greatest inspiration to move forward comes from the random art projects we create. I always feel kind of awkward when I create projects in rehab because nobody gets into it like I do.

My Vision Boards

I created these vision boards in rehab. I’m the only person here who creates vision boards.

The Struggle isReAL (Journal Entry)

Ery time I try to do suntin good there’s always suntin holding me back. Then when I give up and go back to drinking and wallowing, nothing and nobody tries to stop me. Dufuq? I used to think it’s the devil tryina bring me down. But now I see that YHWH was with me every step of the way. A master potter molding me into a vessel filled with spirit and wisdom.

Prioritizing Life or Death (Journal Entry)

I had a super symbolic dream this morning. I don’t remember much of it. What little I do remember will be forever etched in my mind.