My Vision Boards

I created these vision boards in rehab. I’m the only person here who creates vision boards.

You’re Like the Sunshine (Lyrics)

Better known for the frown on your face You walk around like you don’t really give a hot damn Lost all your faith from standing on the wall

The Struggle isReAL (Journal Entry)

Ery time I try to do suntin good there’s always suntin holding me back. Then when I give up and go back to drinking and wallowing, nothing and nobody tries to stop me. Dufuq? I used to think it’s the devil tryina bring me down. But now I see that YHWH was with me every step of the way. A master potter molding me into a vessel filled with spirit and wisdom.

Sort the Shit Out (Poem)

I can only guess where I’m going
But I know exactly where I’ve been
Eating the apple of discord
Playing my fiddle
Above board

Mantras & Affirmations (Recovery Toolbox)

Science has repeatedly demonstrated that positive words and actions can have dramatic impact on one’s health and vitality. The human brain does not understand sarcasm. When we force ourselves to smile, the brain thinks we are smiling. The same goes for words. When we say positive things to ourselves, even if we don’t believe them, we can rewire our brains to believe what we are saying is true. And through the belief that are we already physically and mentally prospering, we can will a more prosperous life into existence.

The Bough Breaks (Lyrics)

Down by the river
I see the sunflowers in the rain
And I can’t forgive that double rainbow
For finding me a dead end road again

I Want to Live (Poem)

I want to live
Not just exist
Trying to survive one day to the next I want to love
Impervious love
Not the kind of love that can’t stand it all

Growing up in Spanish Harlem

Welp… I did it. I went to rehab. Now I’m living in sober housing in Spanish Harlem. I’ll write more about it one of these days. I been  been attending a lot of groups so I don’t have much time.

What it is (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Amelia… If it is what it is
It can’t be what it was
Cuz if it is what it was
Then what was is all there is
And if what was is all there is
Then there can never be anything else

Jeanie’s Bottle (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Jeanette… It was cool at first
A place I could go to relax Refuge from those hectic days
Escape from all my plans