Play the 8 Track (Poem)

All hopeful recovering alcoholics beware the wiles of summer are almost here Sunny days and starlit nights Aromatic breezes and charismatic sights

Oh Shit (Lyrics)

I got my mind outside ya’ll Lit up on the strip Flagging down a unicorn Flippin my shit How long? Before I’m laying on the sidewalk Praying I don’t die

Paper Planes (Poem)

He wanted to fly
And he did for a while
But every paper plane loses its flight
Falls where it falls
Floating freestyle

You Say I’m Free (Lyrics)

Lie awake and dream
Lie til we all go insane
I don’t owe you anything
You owe the world all you own

Wasted (Lyrics)

I took a trip
outside my mind
and then decided
I’m a stay
Cuz I’m already gone

Caseload (Poem)

Oh what a caseload

Recovery, recovery all around
But not enough to sink

Into the minds of the slaves
holding onto the ways
that make them sink

Relapse (Poem)

When I hear the faint sound of tippy toe
I know it’s just a matter of mind
The second I wave the passage of day
The moment I knoll my borrowed time

Mantras & Affirmations (Recovery Toolbox)

Science has repeatedly demonstrated that positive words and actions can have dramatic impact on one’s health and vitality. The human brain does not understand sarcasm. When we force ourselves to smile, the brain thinks we are smiling. The same goes for words. When we say positive things to ourselves, even if we don’t believe them, we can rewire our brains to believe what we are saying is true. And through the belief that are we already physically and mentally prospering, we can will a more prosperous life into existence.

Running on Empty (Poem)

I need time to think without being forced to think
I need time to recharge my mind I need time to think about myself for while
Not my selfish self
The one who makes the Earth smile

Going Back to Rehab

I moved back to NYC from CT a year ago. I wanted to go to rehab when I first came back but it wasn’t in the cards. My brain has been running on empty for years now and I can’t take it anymore. Something’s gotta give.