You’re Like the Sunshine (Lyrics)

Better known for the frown on your face You walk around like you don’t really give a hot damn Lost all your faith from standing on the wall

Play the 8 Track (Poem)

All hopeful recovering alcoholics beware the wiles of summer are almost here Sunny days and starlit nights Aromatic breezes and charismatic sights

Oh Shit (Lyrics)

I got my mind outside ya’ll Lit up on the strip Flagging down a unicorn Flippin my shit How long? Before I’m laying on the sidewalk Praying I don’t die

The Struggle isReAL (Journal Entry)

Ery time I try to do suntin good there’s always suntin holding me back. Then when I give up and go back to drinking and wallowing, nothing and nobody tries to stop me. Dufuq? I used to think it’s the devil tryina bring me down. But now I see that YHWH was with me every step of the way. A master potter molding me into a vessel filled with spirit and wisdom.

Paper Planes (Poem)

He wanted to fly
And he did for a while
But every paper plane loses its flight
Falls where it falls
Floating freestyle

Mind Yo Bidniss (Poem)

Why do you care what other people do?
You are not them and they are not you

They walk their own coals
You say they’re uncouth
You only see part of their truth

Wasted (Lyrics)

I took a trip
outside my mind
and then decided
I’m a stay
Cuz I’m already gone

Caseload (Poem)

Oh what a caseload

Recovery, recovery all around
But not enough to sink

Into the minds of the slaves
holding onto the ways
that make them sink

I wrote my Mission Statement

I wrote a mission statement for TheSeedSowerz Communications. It’s just a dream in progress but here goes… Mission Statement

Three Months Sober (Journal Entry)

I’ve been in rehab for almost three months now (sober since Jan 1) and I feel like I could really make the sobriety thing stick this time. The groups have helped to sort out some of my issues. I don’t feel all the hate, shame and resentment anymore. My recovery coach has been a real […]