I Need a Miracle (Journal Entry)

I need a miracle. Not the kind that manifests out of the cool night air and sins wool into gold.

I Believe (Poem)

I believe in love
I believe in the higher dream
I believe in hope
I believe in serenity
I believe in who I am
I believe in the hell I’ve known
I believe in light
I believe in letting go
So when it comes to the highs and lows
And all the grief from everything I loathe
I believe in God
I believe in faith

Devil in My Eyes (Poem)

The devil in my eyes
It took a long time to see what I fail to be with that
Devil in my soul
How could I know the heed in what I sow with that
Devil in my heart
I tripped into a valley of death to all I sought when that
Devil took my pride

He took it all
He beat me down
He praised my fall but that

Devil didn’t win
I stood before my God
I prayed for love
He blessed my heart 
He cleansed my soul
He opened my eyes
And now
I see

Outta My Head (Poem)

What will it take to stay outta my head? A guard standing watch over a barb-wired fence? Just my luck
There’s an alley not too far round the way I better come strapped with a flashlight and blade As shadows flicker by I feel more like a ghost
I keep drifting As I come to a fork in the road Pace back and forth
Bite my nails Beat that drum I keep playing that tape I don’t know where to turn I reach for the first thing to calm my nerves But the last thing I need is what happens in return So what will it take to stay outta my head? Both means to this story lead to the same end

Off to the Races (Poem)

What I gotta do to get this taste out my mouth
To get this bird out my brain
To get my head out this cloud
Just one sip and I’m off to the races
I’m not gonna slack
Got no time to be down
If it tastes good, looks good, feels good
I want it
Can’t get it outta my mind

Rock Bottom (Poem)

I hit rock bottom
Then I got back up

I kept on walking
Still stuck in the muck
I kept runnin
Kept grindin
Stayed foolin myself
Threw shade at my redemption
Kept diggin that hole
And now I know
There’s nowhere left for me to go but up