Rise Anew (Poem)

Why did she stay? A disaffected introvert Constantly searching for answers in the only place she knew she could trust Her mind Disconnected from the culture A visionary whose tunnel discovered the truths that few can comprehend before she ever even read a book He was like an experiment of sorts She knew he had it all wrong But her curiosity was magnetized by rabbit holes And once she went in them she refused to come back out until she went all the way through

Unpacking? (Poem)

Terror Beneath the fog Among the thorns Inside a box High on a shelf Behind the curtain Around a cell So neatly packed and put away At times it seems surreal The struggles that it took to put a box upon a shelf Maybe if I pull it down and take a peek inside I’ll sweat relief in finding it was all a mess of mind Yeah right…

My Bitch Slave Cellar (Poem)

You held me down for a long time Imprisoning my burdens so I could attempt to do that thing called “live” I taunted you daily Lunging hot metal pokers through your steel bars

Dance Away (Poem)

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass
It’s about learning to dance in the rain
When all is lost and full of pain
Dance Dance Away

What it is (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Amelia… If it is what it is
It can’t be what it was
Cuz if it is what it was
Then what was is all there is
And if what was is all there is
Then there can never be anything else

Peer Support: The Three “E’s” and Four “R’s” of TIC

Trauma-informed care requires for staff at all levels of trauma-informed services to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledge the role that trauma plays in the lives of survivors. “SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach,” has coined two mnemonic devices as part of a framework to aid in administering trauma informed care.