True Christians are Anarcho-Communists and I am going to prove it.

It’s been a year since I left Connecticut after getting kicked out of the sober house. I’ve made a lot of progress in terms of reclaiming my mental stability, but I still have more work to do.
While I was In my addiction I had so much I wanted to prove. But all I could do was get drunk, word vomit on Twatter, and complain complain complain about this world full of morons. Meanwhile, if I wasn’t being such a moron I might have been able to prove my point. I rather chose to get mad every time some idiot regurgitated the lies they were fed, and I would use that as an excuse to get drunk and act a fool. It was a sicknesss.

Without a Beholder (Poem)

Tread lightly the sight of the devil’s spawn Narrow your gaze upon the throne Frivolous wares and fruitless words A covetous snare for every filthy bird So beautifully stunning Tasers of light Enchant the beholders Cripple their sight All for themAnd them for noneThe devil’s spawn are on the run They know their time is […]

The Sum of All Fears (Poem)

Voting for a king is the sum of all fears…
Prices rising
Birth control
But in the end of four years the fears come back to haunt you…

Paucity (Poem)

The following is a poem I wrote upon asking my followers to give me a word to make a rhyme out of. The word was paucity…

I’m out on my last stint
Doing that shit
That plausibly
Such an atrocity

I never met a fool
Who can do what I do
With audacity
And an apostrophe

I lit a fire up under my ass
And it burns
But it feels so good
Viva la hood

Master of Disaster (Poem)

Master of disaster
King of denial

If only I could save you
I wouldn’t walk a half a mile

You’re a thorn in my side
A splinter in my eye

The storm that rolls across my sky
The shame that makes me wonder why?

FuCken Rat Race (Poem)

God Damned Rats
Shittin all over the place
It pays to be brave in this fucken rat race

What typa fucked up shit is this?
Fightin to get to the cheese

Last motherfucker to get to the end
Last motherfucker to breathe

Uh uh uhhhh don’t touch that
I wouldn’t do that if I were you

Then again
Go ahead
I’m getting sick of the likes of you

God Damned Rats
Playing games
Just shittin all over the place

What a world! What a world!
It’s the end of a dying race

Splatter on your Face (Poem)

A cabinet full of crooks
A drawer full of hate

Pockets full of don’t ask
Splatter on your face

A dream that’s going nowhere
You’re lost and can’t be found

Hide tide for fear of no man
That wall is coming down

We’re All Cabbage (Poem)

You’re Cabbage! You’re CABBAGE!
Says the shmuck to the fool

You’re Foul! You’re Foul
Says the crowd to the gavel

You’re Wrong! You’re Wrong!
Says the fool to The Dawn

You’re Pathetic! You’re Pathetic
Says The Dawn to the crowd

Are you cereal? Are you cereal?
Says the gavel to the shmuck

We’re all Cabbage! We’re all Cabbage
Can’t you smell the muff?

The contentious DeVos debate will end tomorrow

A last-ditch effort to derail Trump’s pick for education secretary will end at Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing on Tuesday. The controversy over DeVos nomination began during her first confirmation hearing on Jan. 17 and has since escalated into protests, petitions and candlelit vigils to sway Republicans to reject the confirmation.