I’m a Butterfly (Lyrics)

I’m a caterpillar
I won’t stop until I’m full
I’m a butterfly
My chrysalis will set me free
Won’t you take a step back
And watch as I transpire
Into what I am

No Tellin (Lyrics)

There’s no tellin
Why I can’t look you in your eyes

You tell me something
But I can’t see the truth in your lies

I’ll get through, But
Right now your ignorance is your fall

You take all, But
Your all is never what you give all

So tell me something
Why you can’t do what you say what you gonna do?

Go do you then
I’ll hit back
Get that
Bitch I’m a do you in

Make it Last Through the Night (Lyrics)

Like I’m running out of time
Like a lamb on the low
Like a thought on the way

Like there ain’t nothing else
Like the owls don’t sleep
Like a guest sitting right, alright, cuz I’m right on time

Eyez on Horizon (Lyrics)

In this sad song
Bygones don’t ride strong

Getting hated on
I don’t know where it’s goin

On the red zone, Got your infection
Spitting attitude, Hell on the radio

Flies on a Windshield (Lyrics)

Flies on a windshield
Getting dolled up for your last hooray

Seems I don’t wanna go
Oh ooh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh, oh ohoooh oh

Is anybody out there?
Ay ee ah