The Roast (Lyrics)

Hurry on down while the roast is on If you’re here to stay you better walk the walk ohhh, oh I got a loose end MAN on the chair gonna face the throne So low down Better change your ways ohh ohh oh You got no chance Settle your debt The fight is ON We’re gonna get your ass back Gonna knock your house down And raise the roof At the end of the rainbow The lock on the door You lost the key out the window And now we’re paying ah-all you fail to be I got my heads in the clouds Heart on the road Heading on down to the best damn roast in hell I got a loose end

Take it How You want It (Poem)

I say what I say And you can take it how you want it I’m not oblidged to try to change your mind I don’t need to answer your questions Or react to your antics Or partipate in your boorish mind games If you can’t understand what I’m saying Then I’m not talking to you I don’t explain myself And I don’t pander to tools


It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not gonna freak out because I am on some next shit and certain ‘people’ are still swimming in their own shit. I would be offended by the fact that certain ‘people’ continue to insult me and ridicule me while I’m try to recover from the same shit they keep throwing at me. But I seriously don’t give a shit anymore

My Inner Child (Journal Entry)

My inner child sits on the curb of the culdesac of my mind. Legs crossed, arms stretched out, gazing at the vision of prosperity that both haunted and comforted me since I can remember. A vision that was birthed the moment I learned how to form an original thought. Dreaming of the day when she would grow big enough to will her vision into reality.

The Impossible (Poem)

It always seems impossible Until it’s done Until the lies that seem so real send shockwaves through the world Until the best do-in the worst of them And the meek outshine the proud

What a bunch of bums… (Journal Entry)

After thousands of years of nonstop horsebobble and all they had to do was read a damn book. GOD… I gotta do everything. Sigh… Anyhoo… In my spare time, while I’m not interning or wallowing in self pity, I been poring through Scripture to write some Scripture about the authority of man. All of this ‘taking shit out of context’ bullshit is over.

Authority (Poem)

Authority is like a pusstulating zit
Waiting to explode
Starts off as an infection just under the skin
Then grows in size like the penal code

Keys to The Kingdom (Lyrics)

I got the keys to The Kingdom
Waiting for the right time to click the handle

West to the Eastside
Fear no wrong
We gon kick the anthem

Feel me on the get down
Nic nac patty wac give my dogs a real stack

In the battle ground
Seen on top
Don’t get no louder now

Hands on the hot sauce
Who you gon call when you flip the boss off?

Falling Back in Love with Scriptures

I’m working on my first post about the Scriptures titled, “The Church and the State are Prophesied to Ruin,” and my once overwhelming passion for Scripture is flooding back into every orifice of my being. At one point in life, I was obsessed with Scripture, poring through every book, connecting the puzzle pieces into one mindblowingly prophetic epiphany.

Rethinking My Game Plan

Good evening my fellow rebels. Are you ready for the return of the boomerang? I been waiting for this moment for all my life. And I can feel it coming like a beautiful disaster.