Battle Scars (Poem)

A silent cinema tattered on my face A symphony only I can hear Monotonous reminders of every shortcoming A memorial of war souvenirs Mirror mirror Tell me a lie Quash the battle waging inside

Eeeeeek… (Journal Entry)

OMG… I just saw some stupid video I made years ago about my alleged sobriety. I was so messed up back then. It’s all a blur. I dont remember much, but what I do remember is that my brain was shot. It was like I could literally feel the PTSD pulsing through my membrane, which made it very hard to think straight. I was angry, erratic, unreasonable, on edge. I felt like I was a passenger on someone else’s ride.

Sobriety is a Gift (Poem)

I tripped over a lot of curbs Trespassed on many yards Jumped over a lot of fences Walked miles around many blocks I got bagged into many wards Looking like I ought to be there Acting like it’s not my fault Spitting at everyone in sight

Forget or Be Forgotten (Poem)

I was born at a very young age Naturally, life was very hard For some reason I never recieved the handbook on how to live So I became an alcoholic Alcohol was never a problem for me In fact, it was the solution for everything

Ready… Fire… AIM (Poem)

Ready… Fire… AIM… Why do I miss again and again? I hit everything except for the mark And when it’s over I take it to heart I blame the sheeple Blame the law Blame the fool DAMN THE HOOPLA I’m surrounded by morons Oh hither be

Purgatory (Poem)

Vested under the shadowy veil of oblivion My inner chambers are overflown Satiated in irony A lust for all things dark and loathsome And a vigor to purge all defectiveness from the recesses of my purgatory

Beautiful Darkness (Poem)

Rueful and groaning in the mire Tempest floods Enduring each day with yawning obscurity Daubed as worthless scum Cleft by the scourge of detractors Insipid, embittered, besmirched

Befuddled (Poem)

Why did I pick you? It’s such a puzzle I lost my wit Inside your pit You had me at befuddled

The Gaslight List (Poem)

The List, The List Anything but the list Place any burden on me Just don’t go down the list Isn’t it exhausting? To keep tabs on every slight? Every argument? Every rumor? Every paranoid, homespun lie?