Speakin Jibberish (Poem)

What the… Who wrote this? It couldn’t have been me Someone must’ve jacked my shit To make a fool of me I don’t speak in jibberish I speak in parables

Lift Me Up (Lyrics)

I dont know what it is that makes me this way I got the bottle burning into my brain Can’t slap the taste out Can’t stop the fall I’m on a one way to the end of the road

Prepare for Takeoff (Poem)

Today is a super self-hating day I got a pocket full of moonshine And no reason to stay

Drunkalogue (Poem)

I’m not sure how my drunkalogue ends. I’m not sure if it will ever end. The only thing I’m sure of is it makes absolutely no sense. And it starts out like this…

Word Vomit (Poem)

It starts as a throb in the back of my head Then pulsates its way to my temples As I clinch my jaws My eye starts to twitch I keep wagging my knees I can no longer sit Pace back and forthBiting my nails

Confetti (Poem)

The words to explain my state of mind After I lost all I owned and forgot who I was After decades of torment with no reprieve Daily traumatics Nightly parlays My mind draws a blank when think of the words The words to explain what no one should ever endure

Passerbye (Poem)

I woke up this morning Or maybe I was never asleep Or maybe I’m not even awake Or maybe life is more than I can take Or maybe I’m just a passerbye Passing by moments Hello and goodbye

Decisions decisions (Journal Entry)

I been trying to get into a NYC approved recovery coach program, but I keep hitting dead ends. I recently signed up for an internship program to work in the shelter system, which would get my foot in the door. I just found another program for the CRPA but if I do that and the other one I’ll be working round the clock.

My Bitch Slave Cellar (Poem)

You held me down for a long time Imprisoning my burdens so I could attempt to do that thing called “live” I taunted you daily Lunging hot metal pokers through your steel bars

Free Acupuncture (Journal Entry)

I just dids me some free acupuncture. I been putting it on my itinerary for weeks, but I keep forgetting. My sober companion finally reminded me.