Growing up in Spanish Harlem

Welp… I did it. I went to rehab. Now I’m living in sober housing in Spanish Harlem. I’ll write more about it one of these days. I been  been attending a lot of groups so I don’t have much time.

Genesis (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Genesis…
The book of genesis is full of hard won battles
Successes and failures
Trials that persist until the end of times
The road to recovery is like the exodus to the land of milk and honey 
Only those who persist in doing what is right can make it to the promised land

Jeanie’s Bottle (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Jeanette… It was cool at first
A place I could go to relax Refuge from those hectic days
Escape from all my plans

Stranger than Fiction (poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Naomi… I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried
The things I go through just to get high I have a disease that tells me I’m okay
I don’t need help
I’m the boss of me

Murder One (Poem)

Dedicated to my sister in recovery, Jay… About face my representative
Don’t try my murder one

Peer Support: The Three “E’s” and Four “R’s” of TIC

Trauma-informed care requires for staff at all levels of trauma-informed services to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledge the role that trauma plays in the lives of survivors. “SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach,” has coined two mnemonic devices as part of a framework to aid in administering trauma informed care.

Do’s and Don’ts of Peer Support

Peer supporters serve to guide their peers toward the many pathways to recovery. They do not endorse any specific way of achieving or maintaining sobriety, abstinence, or serenity or of reducing the negative effects from substance use disorders. Since peer supporters are non-clinical staff who often work in a clinical setting, peer support remains as an ambiguous role for many service providers. Understanding the characteristics of peer support is imperative so that the unique value of peer support is not squandered by providers who view peer supporters as case managers.

Intentional Peer Support: Space in Relationships

Providing a safe space in the peer relationship is a refreshing approach toward connecting with another person. Rather than thinking about what you want to say, or trying to read another person’s thoughts, IPS encourages us to think of the relational space between peers as an active, alive space where two people make an effort to listen and respond to each other in a meaningful way.

Going Back to Rehab

I moved back to NYC from CT a year ago. I wanted to go to rehab when I first came back but it wasn’t in the cards. My brain has been running on empty for years now and I can’t take it anymore. Something’s gotta give.

Trying to Forget (Lyrics)

I spent so many years
trying to forget my pain
trying to forget my heartache
trying to forget my shame

I spent so many nights
trying to drown out my sorrow
trying to black out my head
trying to get through these days