Super Nova (Journal Entry)

Guilt, shame, blame. I go through the motions then go back to bed. I can’t turn back and I can’t move forward. This pain in my gut is boiling over.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me a thousand times and I lost my point of view. How many times can I endure your love? The bane of my existence is my surrender to your…

I… Can’t… Breathe when I think of all the times you shat upon my heart. Maybe this time it sounds a lot better but what is better what all you know is hurt? And I hate the way I feel most times. No words can fill that cup. I drink then I get drunk then I plant face into the dirt.

Power of Love (Poem)

Love is more than a hollow phrase
Undying devotion is True Love’s appraise

Unfailing Love is a solemn troth
Better to be sure than to break your oath

When love is like the morning mist,
Like the early dew that can’t persist

Amongst the sun’s immortal rays
Then vaporize
Wreak cloudy days

Broken hearts
A stream of tears

Staunch bitterness
And rampant fears

Then love is nothing but a joke
You’ll love to hate until you croak

Love is Power
And True Power is Love
But Power itself is void thereof

There is no Love in a powerful one
For Power is subjugation for everyone

Power and Love are add odds with each
With Love ALL Power will soon decrease

When the Power of Love defeats the Love of Power
Then there will be Peace

I’d Sail Away With You (Lyrics)

The road to rest is lost in flames
I wonder if we’re gonna make it through

The mere thought of you could carry me on
Through everything, Your love is true

Rainy days are a summer’s breeze
When your love is all I breath

Gimme Some Sugar (Lyrics)

So sick from your pheromones
Here we go

Stung right from my heart
Where’s the antidote?

Blat Blat
My mind is all blasted out

Point me to the nearest
Way to the hospital

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

The Raze Game

“There is so much hurt in this game of searching for a mate, of testing, trying. And you realize suddenly that you forgot it was a game, and turn away in tears.” And your tears turn to anger, and your anger turns to hate. And you become so bitter, the salt in your veins can’t mask the scowl on your face.