Minefield (Poem)

Evading thoughts of you in my minefield I tried to take a little step But my heart slipped I ain’t gon find no other way than the one that takes me higher

That Awkward Moment (Poem)

What an awkward moment When you realize you’re wrong And everything you thought you knew turns out to be a con When you look around at the world you hate And see a reflection of you

Flush the River of Love (Lyrics)

Why do you hate me?
(hate me, hate me, hate me)
Why can’t you love?

Grandmaster Knight of Shade (Poem)

All is fair in love and war
Throw down the gauntlet
Hear my battle cry
You lit the fuse
And detonated my heart
Oh how you fan the flames

Forever Romance (Lyrics)

Why do waste your time
always ready to blow
always ready to blame
outside of your head

Make it Last Through the Night (Lyrics)

Fly Like I’m running out of time Like a lamb on the low Like a thought on the way

OW! (Lyrics)

I never really
Say what I really want to say
But I really want to turn you on
If I said I want your home phone
Put you on my ring tone
Would you put me in your zone?

Race the Mountains (Lyrics)

Living on a whim
Never had the time
To take it slow
It’s more than I can give
Just taking out the time to settle down

Falling for Your Heat (Lyrics)

Many moments are for
Years to come

After all
It took some time to pick it up

Call of the Wild (Poem)

A call echoed through the night
A wild thunder roll so loud I could barely hear my scream
Light pierced through my soul
As I looked to the East