Minefield (Poem)

Evading thoughts of you in my minefield I tried to take a little step But my heart slipped I ain’t gon find no other way than the one that takes me higher

You Can’t Come Back from That (Lyrics)

It took a while to figure out where I stand I walked before I crawled You came into my spaghetti space And ate your full

Grandmaster Knight of Shade (Poem)

All is fair in love and war
Throw down the gauntlet
Hear my battle cry
You lit the fuse
And detonated my heart
Oh how you fan the flames

Forever Romance (Lyrics)

Why do waste your time
always ready to blow
always ready to blame
outside of your head

Out of Reasons (Lyrics)

I thought I told you before
Stop s st st st st Stop
Said I’m not playin this game
In my head, In my head

Make it Last Through the Night (Lyrics)

Fly Like I’m running out of time Like a lamb on the low Like a thought on the way

Divine Justice (Poem)

You’re sending me good vibrations
You’re ticking up all those boxes in my list of sensations
Goodness gracious
Your great balls of fire are filling my cup

Done (Poem)

Crack dealing
Shit talking
Know nothing
See what you want to see
Tear down
Let down
Fall down
Never get back up
Revel in the muck
Think you’re really something
Shit where you eat
Eat your own shit
Vomit it up
Then eat it again
Mind slow
Think you know
But you don’t
Low blows
Flashy shows
The only thing you ever read was a meme


Men be like… (Poem)

Me manYou womanMe stick pee pee in your holeHoot hoot OoOooOoh girl Look at you What a tempty piece of meatBody like an hourglass Legs like a beast Eyes like a catSo sexy and serene Can I get your number?Promise I won’t be mean Come on We’ll just be friendsI’ll take you for a ride […]

Filthy, Smelly Bitch (Poem)

What the kunt?
What a mut
What a filthy, smelly bitch

What burden on my side
What a fight that I can’t win

As a dog returns to his vomit
So the fool repeats his folly

Then he chases his own tail
Bites his ass
Then tries again