Done (Poem)

Crack dealing
Shit talking
Know nothing
See what you want to see
Tear down
Let down
Fall down
Never get back up
Revel in the muck
Think you’re really something
Shit where you eat
Eat your own shit
Vomit it up
Then eat it again
Mind slow
Think you know
But you don’t
Low blows
Flashy shows
The only thing you ever read was a meme


Men be like… (Poem)

Me manYou womanMe stick pee pee in your holeHoot hoot OoOooOoh girl Look at you What a tempty piece of meatBody like an hourglass Legs like a beast Eyes like a catSo sexy and serene Can I get your number?Promise I won’t be mean Come on We’ll just be friendsI’ll take you for a ride […]

Filthy, Smelly Bitch (Poem)

What the kunt?
What a mut
What a filthy, smelly bitch

What burden on my side
What a fight that I can’t win

As a dog returns to his vomit
So the fool repeats his folly

Then he chases his own tail
Bites his ass
Then tries again

I Am Woman (Poem)

I am not a hole to hide your infamous penis
I am not a pillow to rest your lying head
I am not a pawn in your pursuit of dominance
I am not obliged to play your game of war

A Lie So Deep (Lyrics)

Love is blind when you hold on the past…
You break free just to hold something else…

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous…
Seems right when you know something less…

Touch Me (Lyrics)

You say you love me
As you pull on my one last string

Try so hard to make you want me
By the pain in my heart still stands

Touch me
Reach out and pull my hair

Lord knows I’ve tried so hard
To be the one that you understand

Gimme Some Sugar (Lyrics)

So sick from your pheromones
Here we go

Stung right from my heart
Where’s the antidote?

Blat Blat
My mind is all blasted out

Point me to the nearest
Way to the hospital

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

Heartless (Poem)

He say I’m KrAzY
And I don’t know what I know
But what he know is hard to guess

And I’m not that HaZy
I’m out there gettin it off my chest

I’m bout that get it, got it, go
Right upside that laying it all to rest

In hindsight, he faultless
Never knew what was standing right in his door

Never thought long bout it
How could he play?

In a game I started
How could he roll?

And he can get it less sheezy
He take my heart and gut it out on the floor

Cuz we gon play dat game of Heartless
And I’m a bet it on the best


If you don’t SHUT THE FUCK UP
I’m a stick it where the sun don’t shine

I’m a burn you where the hyde don’t grow
I’m a find you where the bells don’t chime

The Raze Game

“There is so much hurt in this game of searching for a mate, of testing, trying. And you realize suddenly that you forgot it was a game, and turn away in tears.” And your tears turn to anger, and your anger turns to hate. And you become so bitter, the salt in your veins can’t mask the scowl on your face.