Timmy Time

I have so much to say about this abortion shit. Mostly, allz I have to say is that’s what you get for thinking that freedom means you have to vote for someone to tell you what to do. Now you gon have your little Timmys and feed them too…

Happy Solstice Bitchez (Poem)

Happy Solstice everybody Hope you got your Easter bunnies I hope you woke up feeling sure that life is all about getting more I hope you ate your jelly beans Picked through your baskets full of things The things you’ll proLLy throw away But hey, its for the holiday I hope you got dressed up for more To go out and have yourself a time And maybe you’ll passbye at your Church So they can tell you how much you’re worth

Heavy On Ya (Lyrics)

Talk about it Talk about it all day But don’t say too much Sulk about it Suck it up Move on There’s nothing you can say Heavy on ya It weighs so heavy on It’s written on your face Talk about it But don’t say too much It’s not for you to say Heavy on ya Heavy on ya Heavy on ya Heavy on ya

Doin Too Much (Poem)

Liaisons Put the face on Act like they doing something we want Act like their way is the right way Act like we can’t play the same game But by right They ain’t right Their lost cause, is worldwide Their platform, is all lies Their last stop, is Third Reich

Hot Pockets (Lyrics)

You think you’re gonna bogart on the patriarch Acting like a hot pocket On the side thottin Raising up the temperature Irresistible Then you thrown koniption When they eat you up

IsraHELL’s Brazen Harlotry Reaches New Heights

IsraHELL Mother of Harlot’s is spreading her legs on Tik Tok to seduce the unwitting masses into fornication with her genocidal ways. Who knew Tik Tok is just another gimmick to spread divisive confusion as humanity edges the brink of mass extinction?

Catholic ‘Pro-Life’ Hypocrisy

Here it is folks, straight out of a Catholic Bible. Oh damn… What hypocrisy? I suppose it’s not hypocrisy seeing as they don’t even read The Bible…

Queen Zion and the Curse of the Wicked (Scripture)

Resplendent and unfading is Queen Zion the spirit of Wisdom that emanates the precepts of Yahuwah, Lord of the way things are. He built His sanctuary in the heights of Her holy mountain that His Name may remain righteous and unblemished for all generations. His love for Her transcends all things, for She is the attendant at His throne and the Spirit guarding the gates of His Kingdom.

The Narrow Path (Poem)

If we left the right And right is to the left Then straight is far from in between Traveling the narrow path is far from what it seems Judging by the standards of misled odysseys Right is never righteous And foul is never grieved

That Awkward Moment (Poem)

What an awkward moment When you realize you’re wrong And everything you thought you knew turns out to be a con When you look around at the world you hate And see a reflection of you