Sucker Ass P*ssies ForeVer (Lyrics)

Sucker ass pussies foreverrrr They say they 730 But they got the wrong time And forgot about the birds of featherrrr They eating with the vultures Nesting in the house Cuz they slave for the boss They ain’t got the balls To vacate the bowels And take off the crowns

The Sapphire and the Snakes (Parable)

Once upon a time, there was a fierce tribe of poets who reigned the hills of foresight with the fire in their words. The hills were surrounded by snakes who secretly wanted to be like the poets, but the snakes were too imbecillic so they decided to take the poets words as their own.

Crucify Me (Lyrics)

Seems like a foreign land
Feels like I’m suffocating
When I can’t kneel down

Hommage to The White Man (Poem)

I‘ve been crying my whole life About the pain that you’ve caused And I’ve been waiting a long time To testify against these walls And now that I’m on I’m about to go off I’m gonna break you bitch You don’t wanna face off

God is Black (Poem)

Why can’t you come to stan
That the Jews were Black
That Kingdom Come Is more than you can stan

Woe to You IsraHELL (Poem)

Woe to you IsraHELL
Mother of lies

Mother of martyrs
Mother of whores

You stoned the Prophets
And burned the scrolls

Sought death for your children
Broke bread with your foes

You raped and pillaged
And broke the commands

Taunted and cheated with blood on your hands

An abomination is what you’ve come to be
The Lost Ten Tribes are death under your feet