My Vision Boards (Part 2)

Creativity has always been a passion of mine. Every time I go to rehab, my greatest inspiration to move forward comes from the random art projects we create. I always feel kind of awkward when I create projects in rehab because nobody gets into it like I do.

Captive Zion (Scripture)

Daughter Zion has become an object of horror A song of mockery An insolent taunt among the nations

The Eleventh Hour (Poem)

The eleventh hour
Spine tingling
Heart wrenching
Gut aching

Heads are gonna Roll (Poem)

Right on time
My hands untied
Heads are gonna roll

Rise Again (Lyrics)

We are the diamonds in rough
No one can claim what they can’t find

We are the voices in the gutter
We won’t fall

Liar Liar (Poem)

Liar Liar world on fire
Take the fall for your desire
Evicted from the land of hope
Broke the ladder then lassoed a rope
Caught upon a dying tree
Then scorched by the wrath that sets us free

So We Meet Again (Poem)

You liar, You traitor, You pagan, You fraud
Coldhearted ghoul
Shameless facade
Since the beginning you reveled in gain
Rogue til the end
So we meet again

The White Elephant (Poem)

There is no faithfulness
No love
No understanding
No gratitude
No acknowledgment of the living God
The land has dried up
The people are wasting away
Immorality has broken all bounds

Reap What You Sow (Poem)

If you want a head on a platter
Your head is good as they come
What you do will come back to you

Woe to You IsraHELL (Poem)

Woe to you IsraHELL
Mother of lies

Mother of martyrs
Mother of whores

You stoned the Prophets
And burned the scrolls

Sought death for your children
Broke bread with your foes

You raped and pillaged
And broke the commands

Taunted and cheated with blood on your hands

An abomination is what you’ve come to be
The Lost Ten Tribes are death under your feet