Prioritizing Life or Death (Journal Entry)

I had a super symbolic dream this morning. I don’t remember much of it. What little I do remember will be forever etched in my mind.

Captive Zion (Scripture)

Daughter Zion has become an object of horror
A song of mockery
An insolent taunt among the nations

No Love Found (Scripture)

And YHWH said to Maria: Tell these words to the Harlot IsraHELL: Regardless of who you think you are or what hat you wear, if you are cold blooded enough to be okay with perpetuating transgenerational trauma so you can claim some property then you have no love in you and YHWH, your God will smite you like the serpent you are…

Flush the River of Love (Lyrics)

Why do you hate me?
(hate me, hate me, hate me)
Why can’t you love?

The Eleventh Hour (Poem)

The eleventh hour
Spine tingling
Heart wrenching
Gut aching

The Vibe (Poem)

You think you’re going somewhere
But you really dont know the vibe

All eyes are on your bullseye
No clown can save your hyde

Crucify Me (Lyrics)

Seems like a foreign land
Feels like I’m suffocating
When I can’t kneel down

The White Elephant (Poem)

There is no faithfulness
No love
No understanding
No gratitude
No acknowledgment of the living God
The land has dried up
The people are wasting away
Immorality has broken all bounds

Reap What You Sow (Poem)

If you want a head on a platter
Your head is good as they come
What you do will come back to you

The Horizon (Poem)

With my eyes fixed on the horizon
Always dreaming and devising
Unceasingly seeking
Never compromising