Set Me Free (Poem)

Hence I fall, Hence I die Hence these days keep passing by I look up at the sky and sigh I shake my head and wonder why? If you are there then why am I? Why am I here when you are there? Why shun my prayers? Why hide your face? Why does your gleaming spirit illuminate my grace?

The Narrow Path (Poem)

If we left the right And right is to the left Then straight is far from in between Traveling the narrow path is far from what it seems Judging by the standards of misled odysseys Right is never righteous And foul is never grieved

Apologetics (Scripture)

Where is the love in professing an impossible truth? If the universe performed the impossible by spontaneously combusting itself into existence then the only retrospective possibilities are those that were born into the new possibility.

My Vision Boards

I created these vision boards in rehab. I’m the only person here who creates vision boards.

Aware of the Pharaoh (Lyrics)

I won’t go on forgetting
Countin my loss for loss

I’m on the ball for cynics
Tell em go on forget it

Liar Liar (Poem)

Liar Liar world on fire
Take the fall for your desire
Evicted from the land of hope
Broke the ladder then lassoed a rope
Caught upon a dying tree
Then scorched by the wrath that sets us free

So We Meet Again (Poem)

You liar, You traitor, You pagan, You fraud
Coldhearted ghoul
Shameless facade
Since the beginning you reveled in gain
Rogue til the end
So we meet again

Falling Back in Love with Scriptures

I’m working on my first post about the Scriptures titled, “The Church and the State are Prophesied to Ruin,” and my once overwhelming passion for Scripture is flooding back into every orifice of my being. At one point in life, I was obsessed with Scripture, poring through every book, connecting the puzzle pieces into one mindblowingly prophetic epiphany.