Go Back to Your Slumber 2020 (Poem)

The election is over
Time to go back to your slumber
There’s nothing left for you to do but wait and watch
Don’t worry
He’ll fix it
He’ll get it this time
He’s different
He’s special
He’s one of a kind

Pipe Dreams (Poem)

The wars of the world never heal
Never die

Hail to the throne
Glory to the kill

The games of the thrones never save
Only lie

Beckon to the call
Buy your wasted time

Go to the Slaveyard (Lyrics)

It’s the way you won’t tell me something
It’s the way I feel when you’re around me
Ain’t no lie it’s hard to find a reason to be thankful

Like a rainstorm caught up in the streams
Like the last one you’re ever gonna see

You’re the rain cloud, I’m the water
I’m the city, You’re my slaughter

Cut the block off
You gon see
Ain’t no MASSA ever gonna keep me

13 tactics LiZARDz use to dominate the world

The LiZARD invasion is a rampant phenomenon of a subhuman species of hominids who are marked by the same characteristics as narcissists. Unlike humans who rely on the cerebral cortex for advanced thought processes, LiZARDz rely on the reptilian brain. Such heavy reliance on instinctive, fight-or-flight behaviorisms spurns a toxic environment for all who perceive the true nature of a LiZARD.