You Showed Me The Way (Poem)

I stepped out of a dark place that I stepped in before I ever knew… Anything I stepped out of the dark place still not knowing… Anything I thought I knew And I make sure you knew I knew But even though you knew I didn’t know You still told me go keep coming, keep sharing, keep growing You loved me until I learned to love myself Unconditional love

All that you need… (Poem)

Surrender Hang in there Do the next right thing Stay focused Dont blow this That gnawing in your gut will go away Don’t worry You’ll get there Your path will clear It may not be what you want But it’s all that you need

The Higher Whim (Poem)

I didn’t surrender to a higher power A higher defeated me Cloaked a veil upon my head that one day I may see Watched me stagger through the hubs of all I didn’t know Smacked me down Then helped me up Then smacked me down some more

In God’s Hands (Poem)

They did what they do It is what it is They didn’t ‘do it to me’ Cuz to do it to me They’d have to know what they do But they clearly have no godly clue

The Narrow Path (Poem)

If we left the right And right is to the left Then straight is far from in between Traveling the narrow path is far from what it seems Judging by the standards of misled odysseys Right is never righteous And foul is never grieved

I Ain’t Right (Poem)

I ain’t right
I ain’t wrapped too tight
My screws are loose
And my scope is off sight
I got that monkey on my back
I got that thorn on my side
I got that bird in my brain

Journal Entry: Letter From My Higher Power

Dear Maria,

You are the grooviest chick I know. You have so many awesome talents just waiting to burst forth from your vault of hidden superpowers. All you need to do is stay focused and don’t let the man get you down.