The Coveted Prize (Journal Entry)

Tainted memories, faint and bitter sweet. Tossed to the wolves, lost with the sheep. Picking up the pieces but I got nothing left to own. Taped out long before I knew the life that leads to love.

If living were an art form, and love were the coveted prize; my canvas is a heaping pile of confettied hearts and lies.

I Ain’t Right (Poem)

I ain’t right
I ain’t wrapped too tight
My screws are loose
And my scope is off sight
I got that monkey on my back
I got that thorn on my side
I got that bird in my brain

People, Places & Things (Poem)

People, places and things
Oh my

I just lost the key to my mind
I just slipped and fell on a bottle or two
I just bruised up my behind

I met some people
Found some places
Did some things I do regret