That Awkward Moment (Poem)

What an awkward moment When you realize you’re wrong And everything you thought you knew turns out to be a con When you look around at the world you hate And see a reflection of you

Nighthawk (Poem)

Looming, cataclysmic, ill-fated prophesies taunt my daily reprieve A nightawk passing time Skulking Hovering Haunting Waiting A constant reminder of the things I wish I could forget

Captive Zion (Scripture)

Daughter Zion has become an object of horror
A song of mockery
An insolent taunt among the nations

Flush the River of Love (Lyrics)

Why do you hate me?
(hate me, hate me, hate me)
Why can’t you love?

Heads are gonna Roll (Poem)

Right on time
My hands untied
Heads are gonna roll

Evolution (Poem)

God created man
As the most resilient race
But the angel of darkness entered our minds
And we fell from the purest grace

Cheese and Cake (Poem)

Restlessly and unaware
Wondering adrift
Await a dream that won’t soon come
Into Apocalypse

Aware of the Pharaoh (Lyrics)

I won’t go on forgetting
Countin my loss for loss

I’m on the ball for cynics
Tell em go on forget it

The White Elephant (Poem)

There is no faithfulness
No love
No understanding
No gratitude
No acknowledgment of the living God
The land has dried up
The people are wasting away
Immorality has broken all bounds

Have Mercy (Lyrics)

The birds are in the trappers
And the plastic in the waters
I pray for you
But nothing comes
I’m in too deep