I was thinking of growing shit tons of magical mushrooms and then dumping it into the streets… For FREEEEEE… What do you think? I think it sounds like a great fucken plan… Just think of all the lives I’d save…

Day Off

YAY… I got a whole day off today… I got MAD plottin to do… I be plottin sOoOooOo HARD most timez that I fergit my plots… And then I remember… Then I fergit again… It’s a sickness… Or an illness… Twatever… But you know… It’s like… You know when you got a whole flock of […]

Clockwork (Lyrics)

Like clock work It’s ticky ticky ticky ticky Like clock work It’s going down when you see me Like clock work We’re going rounds when you see me Like clock work It’s like clock work It’s like Oh NoOoOoo Ticky ticky ticky I know you heard what I said So come and get me get me Not either night or day I never won’t show And if you get get it late I’ll tell you real slow Here’s flipping all in at you What ya gotta do? Forget what you gon said Fuck your noodle on a doodle pad Yeah It’s going down when I come through Getting live is what I’m gonna do Hitting hard is always on my check Hold me down and I’m a raise that There ain’t no way I’ll ever bow at you But you innate I’ll tell you what I’ll do I’ll hit you with a little attitude Ace up throw it down Game is over Now I’m ill So ticky ticky ticky ticky chill There’s no bound when I’m on my skill Steppin up when you do your doo Then I’m off Your shit is on my shoe Shit for shit is alls I’m saying If you can’t take the shit then, uh, Stop playing Now you know that when I’m in I’m down for any round What you waiting for? Still trying to figure it out? I’m up to any standard Sit or stand I’ll turn the crowd out My aim is to satisfy, Philosophize You’re praying to size up

Headz on a Platter

I want to create a website called Headz on a Platter and on the front page I’ll have a platter with the headz of all the leaders of the world on it garnished with blood and maggotz. And when you click on each head a page comes up with a laundry list of reasons why […]

Pray for Iran

Oh DaMn… SoOooOoo… I couldn’t finish my history project about the Iranian Revolution but they are letting me submit it one of these days anyway cuz of the whole asshole thing. The more I read up on it, the more my mind is blown. Iran is headed toward complete meltdown/revolution. Hopefully the piece of dickshit […]

I Thought I Told You (Poem)

I drop seedz on your asphalt But you mad slow Vines start creeping up the sidelines When you assed out The next time you say the Westside is the best side The Lighterz light up on the Eastside when your light’s out I thought I told you not to mess up But you maxed out I thought I told you not play your sign But you stay lying I thought I told you bout a million timez You da MASSA Ain’t no Massa bout to taint my sign With a bloodline So you can take your time And bank your crime And you can bLoW that up And bet all eyez But ain’t no Lighterz gonna light your line Cuz you the seed that ain’t no way no rhyme

HorseBObbLe (Poem)

Aaawe MAAAN this is hOrsebObbLe All the things we get in as you makeshift a SQUABBLE Thriving one day the next day The BOTTLE As the horseshit bobbles around in the head Til we wake up wishing we went to bed dead Ain’t a damn thang woke in the wake of your stead The Antichrist cometh inside of your bed

FuCkeN Maggotz (Poem)

Purging at the grotto Amidst the Morningstar Excorsizing demons reberberating through my scars As I wailed into the skylights Stomping, laughing, carrying on I saw a little maggot with his little maggot phone So I asked the little maggot What kind of being are you? Bustin up over all the pain so you can stick up your ASstube Get outta here you fuCken maggot Let the dead bury themselves Go eat some shit you fuCken maggot Before death becomes your realm

WeLp (Poem)

SoOoOooOoo… I was having a conversation about reasonable doubt when my fellow conversator told me there’s always a reason to doubt… So I said WeLp… If there ain’t no reason there ain’t no doubt.. . And he said WeLp? And I said… Yep… WeLp… And he said What’s a WeLp? So I said WeLp… It’s kinda like a yeLp… Only it’s a WeLp

The Ole Notch (Poem)

I was born in the morn But not yestermorn Now I’m sitting here forelorned Tryina break this crown of thornz And I can’t fiddle around no more I got the keyz Can’t find the door But you gone see when I step out I got I got the ole notch on my belt