Career Coach

My peeps at the Peer Specialist training program just called to offer me a career coach. They’re offering it to Alumni who are working. Just in time for college. This could be stupid phat dope. It’s a prestigious training program that I was accepted into on my first application cuz of my essay.

Breath of Yahuah (Poem)

Intimidation Separation Deprevation Wacko Nation You say we’re the ones who knotted the noose But you’re the ones who buried the truth And it’s so fitting how you lay it on me break me slowly turn it right round make it my fault LIAR in the White House LIE til the Blackout WADE through the wars And the fires And the crack house But I ain’t fittin to lose the fire that’s fitted for you The pit is deep and wide with an abundance of wood And the breath of Yahuah like a stream of burning sulfur sets it ablaze

Co-Signing (Poem)

You want me to be what you want me to be See what you want me to see Buy what you’re trying to sell Say all is right in your hell But I ain’t co-signing On your shortsighted In this boat ride that’s headed for ice And I can’t pity the fool Who rolls dice Bettin wit you Cuz there’s no siginature Quite like my sign…

I’m Possessed

Sigh… You know… It’s like… I get full body possessed from time to time and I try to fight it off… And I do fight it off from time to time… Anger tends to work… But it always comes back… And I don’t have the strength to be angry anymore… It’s exhausting… So I guest […]


There’s a new drug being sold legally in stores that is an alternative to opium. People who use it think it is the cure-all for everything and since it’s legal they think it’s totally kewl. However, its users are hopped up and out of wack that there’s no talking sense into them… Buyer beware…

It’s oN now…

I’m on a roll yo… I been doing a deep dive to figure out alternatives for any waste that I normally produce. I got big plans. When I get everything situated, I’ll be producing maybe a small bag of trash every two months. My latest find is that I can create my own facial products. […]

Recycling Bins

I still haven’t called waste management to grill them with questions about recycling. But I am getting ready to order recycling bins cuz I refuse to buy non-biodegradable clear bags for recycling. This way I can dump my recyclables in the bin and reuse by biodegradable bags. I’ll literally be the only residence on Staten […]

My Graduation

I was checkin up on how the virtual graduation works. It says they want to see us holding our diplomas, celebrating with family, in cap and gown, turning the tassel… Yeah… That don’t work for me… Maybe I’ll send a video with me having a celebration with my twenty-four plants. Maybe I’ll dress them up […]

BDS Dilemma

So it’s time to buy a new computer, but I don’t want one that supports that KuNted fuCk hOLe… And I super am not in the mood for the huge learning curve that it will take to switch to Mac. I’m suppose maybe I can get a Ryzen instead of Intel… I’m so bewildered… And […]

Yo Mans n Them (Poem)

I been checkin on you and your mans and them I leave and come back and it’s still the same Taking your chances on what you can claim Then act like a victim when shit go your way Give nothing back is the foc of your plan Tossin up bones like you do what you can Taking your chances til shit hit the fan Then diving and duckin behind your victims