Damn Stitches

Taking out stitches is harder than I thought. I got the most annoying ones. But there’s still some invisible ones in there. Will they fall out if I leave them? Shoot… I don’t wanna go ta NYU. Does urgent care take out stiches?

In the Bluff (Poem)

I don’t know what it is that bolsters this embodiment A lackluster feind stuck in a pit Illustrious dreams in a shell that won’t split Ravenous theives looking to get I guess that’s why they call it diamond in the rough Just waiting for the day when they call that bluff

Long Night (Lyrics)

Raining days Piercing through my skin I hear the wind blowing I can’t see it but I know it’s coming for Time flies When I’m full of sorrow I can’t see it but I know it’s out for war A long night Will I make it back?


The day just gets better. So i had a 3rd last minute activation which sucks to get the papereork done on time. Then this dude who got escorted into the ED by police just got on the bus with a glass of beer spilling it everywhere as he made it to the back. He puts […]

Swerve (Poem)

Love is not a one-way street And it’s not a linear line that checks every box it seeks Love is patient Love is kind Love overlooks all that is blind Love is like a mirror that shatters in heartache Then picks up the pieces and turns glass into plates Of armor so indestructible An undeniable force A light that makes the day seem like a redundant, passing thought Love is not a one way street headed for a collision course Love is that thing that makes you swerve when you’re headed for the worst


Activatin (Poem)

All these activations are activating me Activating my mind Activating lost time Can I get out of my mind think about what’s going on Lightening never strikes the same place Unless the lightening striking at me Looking at all the witnesses like what the fuck you witnessing me for? Mind your own business Make it your business minding your business MAAAN

Never getting married

I was reading up on Skylar Grey’s divorce. I don’t know why people get married. Seems like a lot of headache with no reward. Unless you’re a gold digger, but I ain’t got time for that. I got other suckerz to burn. Anyoo, I have tooth surgery tomorrow so I gotta cover for someone else’s […]

One day at a time

I’m doing so much right now that I’m finding myself anxious to get to the results. I want everything to move faster so I can get to the next thing. I just need to chill out and let life happen. I had a Zoom meeting today whereupon a new offer has presented itself. This could […]

Gun Carry Laws

I really hope all these hoaxes backfire on these Shitshow Clowns so they can overturn the gun carry law. It’s the only logical thing to do. Then the people who legally carry can scare off the ones who have so many illegal guns that simply banning sales won’t get rid of the guns.