Nonbinary Hoopla (Poem)

I was born a woman All my life I was taught that women are supposed to be a certain typa way Then I learnt that the patriarchy defines gender roles in ways that oppress both men and women So I decided to rebel against the gender roles by hopping on the nonbinary bandwagon Because the only way to make the statement that women don’t hafta be a certain typa way is to not identify as a woman… Wait … Huh?

Free to Roam (Poem)

Leave me alone I’d rather not feel Cat scratch on a shed Free to roam

Voodoo (Poem)

Your voodoo enchants the core of my being I am the puppet and you are the master Sporatic waves crashing then receding Spellbound for weeks as I try to fight it off Oh how the loa recieve me Posessed by Erzulie Freda herself

My WordPress Profile is Jacked

I just liked my post to see what my profile looks like, and it ain’t right. My old website that I abandoned back in my drunk-a-logue days is on there and my tag line isn’t showing… Dufuq?

Dear Marshall

Stop frontin… The eNd

The Backwards Man (Poem)

Bedeviled by the backwards man He’s got the whole world diggin his backwards dance He’s got a backward suit And a backward stance
No one walks backward fast as he can

Nighthawk (Poem)

Looming, cataclysmic, ill-fated prophesies taunt my daily reprieve A nightawk passing time Skulking Hovering Haunting Waiting A constant reminder of the things I wish I could forget

Working on my Vision Statement

I’m working on my Vision Statement Then I shall edit my Mission Statement That is if I can stop rhyming for five seconds… Viva la Rebellion

Three Months Sober (Journal Entry)

I’ve been in rehab for almost three months now (sober since Jan 1) and I feel like I could really make the sobriety thing stick this time. The groups have helped to sort out some of my issues. I don’t feel all the hate, shame and resentment anymore. My recovery coach has been a real […]

I’m feeling all Twitterpated for no reason

Somebody heLLLp… I’m gonna throw up…