Grant Me Humility (Journal Entry)

God grant me the humility to accept my place in this incoherent world. Every time I try to correct another is three strikes against my soul. The world belongs to Satan. I will never belong. The world is a record, and I hate every song.

Everyday is a new beginning, but it all

All is Vanity (Poem)

We never see things as they are
We see them as we are

When we look for answers
We don’t look very far

We believe what people tell us
We believe the oldest lies

We believe in war
We believe in sex
We believe in suits and ties

We never see things as they are
All we see are lies

So when we start to lose our grasp
It’s really no surprise

The Stone in Your Way (Lyrics)

Maybe I’ll fight and maybe I won’t
Maybe I’ll survive or maybe I’ll just hang around for a while
just singing a song like there ain’t no fire and there ain’t no war

Boogie on down, The radio’s on
May the last time we’re ever gonna see those starz shining bright
all across the sky fall on a night when there ain’t no light

Welcome to The Peanut Gallery (Poem)

Welcome to The Peanut Gallery
Where mu mu mu muh MASSA said

Where erybody gets what erybody wants
And the answer for erything is
“Get em DEAD!”

Shut yer pie-hole you commie FuCk
I’m bout to watch me some Fox News

Gimme Some Sugar (Lyrics)

So sick from your pheromones
Here we go

Stung right from my heart
Where’s the antidote?

Blat Blat
My mind is all blasted out

Point me to the nearest
Way to the hospital

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

Stop stop
You make me so, Make me so

Gimme some sugar
Before you go, Fore you go

The Crying Room (Poem)

There is no crying at the big kid table
If you wanna act like a whiney little bitch
You can go to the crying room

I don’t wanna hear no weeney whiney woo
Over what you coulda shoulda woulda, did not do

You took your chance
You played your part

You made your bed
Now suck it up

All your wheepin and your whinin
And your moanin and your groanin
Ain’t gettin you nowhere wit your same sob story

I ain’t feelin your dome
I ain’t jockin your gloom
You can go get onto the crying room

Who Did iT and Ran? (Poem)

Why I always got fity hunnit problemz?
Like, “Who did it and ran?”

I ain’t got no time for this
No room, No hope, No hand

My fears are stacked a mile high
My mind is out the door

Flies on a Windshield (Lyrics)

Flies on a windshield
Getting dolled up for your last hooray

Seems I don’t wanna go
Oh ooh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh, oh ohoooh oh

Is anybody out there?
Ay ee ah

The Odio Incident (JFK Assassination)

Sylvia Odio was the thirty-year-old daughter of two Cuban refugees who were jailed for the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro. According to Odio’s testimony documented by the Warren Commission, in September of 1963 three men arrived unannounced at Odio’s apartment in Dallas. Two of the three men were of Hispanic descent, possibly Cuban or Mexican. These men identified themselves as “Leopoldo” and “Angelo.” The third man was a slender American who went by the name of “Leon Oswald.”

Empty Threats (Poem)

Empty threats, I must advice
Can take a toll on empty lives

For empty troughs spurn hunger pains
And empty stars do fade away