The demolition and transformation of the way things are…


Community Ownership

We want to promote community-owned operations, through which communities earn the cash necessary to pay for things that taxes usually pay for. Such operations also include B Corporations and Benefit Corporations.

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Peer Support

The peer support movement is grounded in principles of self-determination and respect for the various life paths people choose to pursue. Such principles can change the way humanity interacts on a higher level that goes far beyond addiction and mental health treatment.

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Business Directory

There are many events and business directories, but most are solely concerned with profit and don’t provide the tools necessary for businesses to display their offerings. We seek to establish an expansive business directory that serves to raise funds to develop a vibrant addiction and mental health recovery community.

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Civic Duty

We seek to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for citizens to easily participate in civic duty. Our vision is to eventually wean The People off the government teet by demonstrating various methods of self-governance.

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Video Sharing

We seek to fight against attacks on free speech and fair use by establishing a decentralized video sharing community through which members can earn cryptocurrency while raising funds to fight court battles against all who submit fraudulent DMCA notices.

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We want to promote principles of sustainability in everything we do. Our vision to wean The People off the government teet requires for society to stop buying into consumptuous operations that deplete resources. Such operations lead to increased prices and dependence on government due to unnecessary wars.

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Writer’s Revolution

Writing is one of the main things that distinguish humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. Without the written word, humanity is one huge scatterbrained mess. We aim to raise the standard for what it means to play a part in the human experiment through a revolution of research, writing and communication.

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Social Revolution

A revolution of peace and prosperity has been crying out for a long time. The adversary continues to deter every honest effort to release society from the shackles of co-dependence that divide and conquer the masses. We are here to divide and conquer the conquerers by doling out a heavy dose of commonsense.

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Hemp Revolution

Hemp is used to make everything from clothing to buildings to cars. The environmentally sustainable benefits of converting to a hemp-based economy are boundless. We want to become an information machine that serves to unite the hemp industry into a revolution of prosperous sustainability.

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Regenerative Agriculture

The majority of nations signed the Paris Agreement, yet only a small percentage of the world comprehends that a huge part of reducing carbon emissions involves putting carbon in soil through regenerative agriculture. We seek to take the regenerative movement to a whole other level of awareness.

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