What the KuNt

I’m so aggravated. WordPress apparently doesn’t want anybody to logout of the site, change passwords, two factor authentication, etc. Either that or I’m blind. I’m so irritated my soul hurts. I can’t even search it because everything I find is from WordPress.org. What the holy hellin kunt shit fuck am I supposed to do?

WTF? WordPress

What in the HoNkey heLLin FuNk happened to my website? Is this from your ‘update?’ Hot Dammit… Ain’t nobody got time fo dis…

The Sandy Hook regime has violated Amendments I, II, IV, V and VI

Who could ever forget the Sandy Hook massacre? Out of all the alleged massacres in history, Sandy Hook remains the most photo-opped of them all. The emotionless, seemingly unmoved parents and grade-school children who allegedly lost their children and friends to such a reportedly gruesome attack made every effort to ingrain the victims’ faces into the unwitting minds of the masses.