Have Mercy on My Hearts (Poem)

I love you like a bigot loves to hate I need you more than the sun’s rays glistening on the trees I want you so profusely that no amount of force could bind us together to my satisfaction I think about you all day everyday

Pining for You (Poem)

Pining for you is a lingering death Performed by a seasoned executioner I awake every morning Waterlogged Gasping for each excruciating breath My heart feels like a marching band Signaling the surrender of my will to live

Falling for Your Heat (Lyrics)

Many moments are for
Years to come

After all
It took some time to pick it up

Twin Flame (Poem)

I don’t believe in magic
I don’t believe in mantras
I don’t believe in hitlers
I don’t believe in kings

I don’t believe in fashion
I don’t believe in artists
I don’t believe in pilgrims
I just believe in me