One Heart (Poem)

I love you Marshall
I need you to know you stay on my mind
There’s something about the way you are that elevates my soul
No expression is poetic enough to define the way I feel for you
Sandy beaches and mistletoes
Crimson sunsets and wildflower meadows
Those perfect summer nights to see every star in the sky
Picturesque moments when two hearts beat as one

I Need You (Poem)

I need you But I don’t need you to save me I don’t need you to fix me I don’t need you to change me I need you to be who you are And love who I am Be the support I need to wholly support you back I need you to wrap your arms around me and hold me like I’m the prize at the end of a hunger strike I need you to need me I need you to be my disease and my cure My fall and my rise My focus and my detour I need you to make me feel secure when you’re out on the town living the life that you deserve

Come for Me Lover (Poem)

Come for me lover Take me away Why must I wait so long? The passing of time is the worst kind of torture How can I be grateful with such hunger inside? Tell me you love me Whisper in my ear Say you’ll always be mine Shelter my body in the warmth of your skin Kiss and caress as I feel you within Talk to me lover I want to know all Every treasure you keep in your heart The only jewel I’ll ever ask from you is the diamond that you are

Drunk in Love (Poem)

Why did you do this to me? I’m sick and I can’t breathe The panick attacks are getting stronger I feel so weak that I can’t live I think about you all day long At night I toss and turn I forget everything I’m supposed to do as I satisfy my urge I used to be able to block you out But you busted through that wall Now what the fuck am I supposed to do? I got no fronts left to show Just when I get sober I fall madly drunk in love I’m still looking like a KrAzy person

Don’t free your slave (Poem)

Smother me with your manhood Tell me what you want Be my inspiration Your satisfaction turns me on If you want it Come and get it I’m always ready to go Just don’t let up Don’t free your slave These chains aren’t coming off

Oh how I love you (Poem)

If it were possible to love someone more than I love you I don’t think I’d be able to live my life I think about you every second of every day Masterplanning the things I want to do with you (to you) All the sweet nothings I want to say My toes curl And my body titillates I never felt so many sensations in all my life Its like im on ecstasy Minus the morning after fight

Thinking About You (Tanka)

Thinking about you Visions derail my focus Why is life so cruel? I just rubbed my third one out It’s not even afternoon

The things you do… (Poem)

You make me dizzy You make gravity seem like a Scifi Comicon Fake it til you make it Can’t fight what gets you high You get me live You perk me up And turn me on And get me saying things I never thought

I Want You (Poem)

 I want to feel you on top of me Run my fingernails up and down your body Savor the warmth of your skin on my lips as I kiss you from head to toe Hear you moan Light up the room with candles then watch you glimmer in it Smell the scent of your skin

I Got Your Back (Poem)

I just want to touch you And talk to you And ask for your advice And play with you And support you And give you a rise I want to ride you And submit to you And give you what you want But most of all I want to have your back til the end No matter what