HoOga bOoGa Talk (Poem)

ASsHat walks up to the podium
Sayz some HoOga bOoGa shit

Then the whole world gasps
As he uncorks his ASs
And reveals his ghastly wit

“We’re gonna make shit great again
Shit is what makes shit great
I welcome all who wanna take a dump
Cursed be the haters of great”

Suggestions for articles to write about Trump’s 1st month

Trump’s administration recently released a list of achievements made in his first month. Our duty is to analyze these achievements, line by line, word for word. President Trump debriefed eight categories of achievements. Our news-group will break into eight categories of news stories. Such categories are as followed:

Israel’s blameless rhetoric reaches new heights in a joint press conference

The following is a rewrite assignment for Editing and Copyediting about Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel in Joint Press Conference President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu cranked up the bandwagon of hypocrisy in a joint press conference on Feb. 15. Trump led the conference with an opening statement touting the United […]