Cosmic Plan (Poem)

What is love? If not everything? If not the sum of all things eternally bound in cosmic matrimony? My Love My everything You are the air I forget how to breathe when you’re not around The voice that leads me through the briar patches of my mind You are relief from my weaknesses and praise for my strengths

Grandmaster Knight of Shade (Poem)

All is fair in love and war Throw down the gauntlet Hear my battle cry You lit the fuse And detonated my heart Oh how you fan the flames Your cut and thrust A cut above the rest Gut me as I pray Let it be done I’m begging you You know not what you do

Forever Romance (Lyrics)

Why do waste your time
always ready to blow
always ready to blame
outside of your head

Falling for Your Heat (Lyrics)

Many moments are for
Years to come

After all
It took some time to pick it up

Call of the Wild (Poem)

A call echoed through the night A wild thunder roll so loud I could barely hear my scream Light pierced through my soul As I looked to the East