Brilliance (Poem)

Brilliant am I
When I shake my head and wonder “Why?”

Brilliant are ye
When you fight the power
Can’t let it be

Brilliant are they
When they look beyond
And they break away

Brilliant are we
When we learn to love
When we love today

Brilliant are these words
Brilliant is The Way

Brilliance leads to peace
Brilliance will save The DAY!

All is Vanity (Poem)

We never see things as they are
We see them as we are

When we look for answers
We don’t look very far

We believe what people tell us
We believe the oldest lies

We believe in war
We believe in sex
We believe in suits and ties

We never see things as they are
All we see are lies

So when we start to lose our grasp
It’s really no surprise

Soul Searching (Lyrics)

Little known to all the world, is all the world
Time will test the loss of us

Terrible horrific us
Time it won’t turn back
Time to face the face of Oh Lord

Tainted by the prejudice
Seems we won’t forget it
Fear your God, Your god not in your hand