Altered Perception (Poem)

The continuum of altered perception begins before we are born and ends only when we identify and interpret its existence The culture of shame in all its nuances is rival to all good senses So vested in in the continuum of inclusion and exclusion that few can escape the scope of its lenses So stuck in the clash of who’s better than who And the war of status And the fight for what’s true That we fail to address the problem at hand The elephant in the room standing up on its head Who can say they are better? As they compete in the battle of shame? Outcasting all who don’t fit in the crowd

Fields of Shame (Poem)

Love can cure so many ills And heal so many pangs But cultivating the fields of love is a feat that is seldom gleaned Too often we opt to till the soil Degrading its natural worth

The Trojan Horse of Shame (Poem)

Divinations peel through my layers as I invoke my crystal ball. Doom and gloom headlines every forecast. My only reprieve comes from the murals on my wall.