Stop supporting war

Alla this ‘Support Ukraine’ mess is dangerous propaganda. If you really want to equate Russia to the Alleged Holocaust just remember who IsraHELLs main supporters are and then realize that they used the alleged Holocaust to commit actual genocide against not only Palestine but also Germany. Supporting war is supporting war. I don’t care who’s […]

Dead Wrong (Poem)

You can’t be wrong and strong… Can’t war against the world then claim no fault Can’t take what you want then decimate then cost Can’t bet on an illusion then say it ain’t a loss Can’t raise a system of slaves then blame the slaves when the system falls off Can’t build a bomb then act like some typa savior stopping the world from building the same bomb You can’t be wrong and expect the world not to see through your wall the illusion you create to make it seem like you’re strong when you’re really Dead wrong


AAAAAAH HA HAAAW… This stupid news thing just popped up talking about how big bad Russia has block FacebOooOo and other sites and how that is somehow blocking Russian freedom. That shit is a all-the-way hoot. So blocking a bunch of sites that control everything people see and do on their sites is sabatoging freedom? […]