It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not gonna freak out because I am on some next shit and certain ‘people’ are still swimming in their own shit. I would be offended by the fact that certain ‘people’ continue to insult me and ridicule me while I’m try to recover from the same shit they keep throwing at me. But I seriously don’t give a shit anymore

Mind F*Ck (Poem)

I used to think I know what is real Now I’m not sure I know anything at all Body jumping Lizardz Crisis acting extravaganzas Freedom fighters blowing little old lady heads off I try to stay calm Smile and wave

Get a Lizard Clue

I tried to explain it every possible way Tried to stuff it away like I always do Tried to forgive and forget But you are who you are And you dont know how to change that So here we are Back to square one AGAIN Only this time I’m all out of fantasies I have not one delusion left to hold onto

Blame the Doormat (Poem)

Doormats get stepped on Tossed around And thrown away Sometimes they get repurposed To catch a mess Or child’s play But who blames the doormat when their life has gone awry?

The Reptilian Bogglement

Can a Lizard body-snatch multiple people at the same time? Do they body jump so they can spy on certain people? Are they spying on me? Trying to drive me insane? So so many questions…

The Gaslight List (Poem)

The List, The List Anything but the list Place any burden on me Just don’t go down the list Isn’t it exhausting? To keep tabs on every slight? Every argument? Every rumor? Every paranoid, homespun lie?

eL LiZARD (Poem)

Look how you talk to me
See what you do

‘They know not’ is not an option
I see better days without the sight of you

“You did this, You did that”
Is all I get from day to day

Everything is an argument
The contradictions blow my riddled mind away

Sometimes I sit and ponder on my ponderer’s thinking fist

Why can’t you see my Wonderbare?
My heavyheartedness?