Crucify Me (Lyrics)

Seems like a foreign land
Feels like I’m suffocating
When I can’t kneel down

Nigger (Poem)

There exists not a word in this world so absurd
Not a word in this world that has ever transferred

Across oceans and deserts and jungles worldwide
That can shake you and break you and make you collide

A word that was dealt to a people so torn
A people so beautiful, A people so scorned

A people that built a nation so strong
A people made to feel they will never belong

Yes, words can be hurtful, Oh yes it is true
But this word goes beyond what is hurtful and cruel

This word is so much more than a word
So much more than absurd

So much more than a label
So much more than unstable

This word is a virus, a cancer, a plague
This word can malign you, and make you feel dead

So the next time that word finds its way to your tongue
Just remember that stench smells worse than cow dung

Nigga what? Nigga who? Nigga me? Nigger YOU!
If you call me a Nigger then you’re a Nigger too

And if you’re a Nigger then there ain’t no hope for you
Cuz Niggers don’t learn, And they know not what they do

Don’t wanna be a Nigger?
Then here’s some news for you:

Stop using that word
Before that word uses you