The Coast is Never Clear (Poem)

As I start the next chapter in my autobiography I praise the Good Lord for waking me up another day Free from the horrors of active addiction I have found a way to live and enjoy life… just for the day I thank God oh Lord for stickin and stayin Even in my darkest hour The hideous four horsemen were denied the boast of my obliteration Terror, bewilderment, frustration, despair The whistling winds of loneliness The burdens I couldn’t bear All have been arrested along with worry and fear I’m talking about a God who taught me how to sit up straight Get down on my knees and pray Quit whining and communicate

Knock it Off (Poem)

If I didn’t know any better I’d think you weren’t over me But I know something that you will never see You don’t hate me cuz you want me Or for the things you say I’ve done Or some stupid fight ten years ago Or what I put up on my blog You hate me cuz you hate yourself And I’m an easy punching bag Cursing me is like ejaculating On your disgusting porno crap It’s an easy fix that keeps you going Until the next time you get the urge

I Don’t Pray (Twelve Steps)

I don’t pray
I believe in God
I believe the spirit speaks through us
I believe in the secret way
But I don’t pray