Just Remain Calm (Poem)

The kings of the world keep playing that song The one with the hook that says, “Just remain calm!”

Prioritizing Life or Death (Journal Entry)

I had a super symbolic dream this morning. I don’t remember much of it. What little I do remember will be forever etched in my mind.

You Say I’m Free (Lyrics)

Lie awake and dream
Lie til we all go insane
I don’t owe you anything
You owe the world all you own

The Big Speech (Poem)

OooOoOOoOOohThe Big Speech     What you got for me now? A lot of more “facts?”Some shots all around? You must be infallible with such a large crowdI bet those flying monkeys would raze the world for all you vowed You tell it like you see itAnd you see it like it is The whole world trembles […]