New Beginnings (Lyrics)

I don’t know what side that you’re on I can’t see what you say when you’re wrong The last time I figured you out I forgot, who I was Praying for the road that you led me to end Praying I won’t be here to share the reward Praying for the lightening to strike me dead Praying for my life to begin

Rise Anew (Poem)

Why did she stay? A disaffected introvert Constantly searching for answers in the only place she knew she could trust Her mind Disconnected from the culture A visionary whose tunnel discovered the truths that few can comprehend before she ever even read a book He was like an experiment of sorts She knew he had it all wrong But her curiosity was magnetized by rabbit holes And once she went in them she refused to come back out until she went all the way through

Rebirth (Poem)

I died last night
My heart stopped beating as I sank into the void
No light
No darkness
No angels or demons
Just an all-consuming silence that tethered my soul to nothingness
As my soul drifted waywardly
Searching for a new life
I glanced back at my hollow shell
My whole life flashed before my eyes
And for just one perfect moment
I saw the beauty in all my pain
The ups and downs