#@$*^#%&$ (Poem)

Throw a bomb at a war Win or lose Get some cash Get that money like its crack Buy a house and some crap Throw the crap in the trash Throw the trash on the ground Toss it all around Push it out to the sea Act like you don’t see As you walk on by Living out your life Til you lose your house And your car And your crap And then suddenly you see So you have alot to say Throw a bomb Wage a war

Let it Be Done (Poem)

“Speak it into existence And it shall be done” Said Good ole Lord As he sat on his throne “Vengeance is yours” I said to The LORD “What more can I ask than tables to turn?

That Awkward Moment (Poem)

What an awkward moment When you realize you’re wrong And everything you thought you knew turns out to be a con When you look around at the world you hate And see a reflection of you

Flush the River of Love (Lyrics)

Why do you hate me?
(hate me, hate me, hate me)
Why can’t you love?

The Lions and the Lambs (Journal Entry)

There’s a knot in my gut the size of my fist. I try to ignore it but it cries out like a mother bird in distress. Much like the premonitions that warned me against the crooked path I doomed myself to take. Seems the hell I’ve known is mercy compared to the hell that is to come.

The whole world is a human centipede. Battered sheep yearning for deliverance from their cold-hearted shepherd. I often wonder what mindblowing epiphany will compel the sheep to shed their wool and become lions treading through the fields of rebellion. It’s not enough for the sheep to know their shepherd is up to no good. They need to want to flee from his care. Herein lie the wall that won’t crack…

The Seed Sower Knows (Poem)

Only The Seed Sower knows
Which root the seed grows
All ails the seed shows
Which brood the seed tolls

The Tiller of the fields
Breaks sweat with no skills
Makes bets with no yields
Banks debt with wrong deals

A Bird in Your Hand (Poem)

A bird in your hand is worth three in a tree
The burden of man is an imperial decree

Cast down upon the lowly
The tree withers with blight

The lowly see the tree as hope
But the avid see all as trite

One form of trite gives way to another
But the new form of trite leads all forms to blunder

Blunder across the land leaves no room trees
And a treeless isolation breeds new formed disease

Disease of the mind
Disease of the heart

Disease that will multiply
Til death do us part

The only real cure for this plague is the bird
The absence of trees means that life has deterred