Nonbinary Hoopla (Poem)

I was born a woman All my life I was taught that women are supposed to be a certain typa way Then I learnt that the patriarchy defines gender roles in ways that oppress both men and women So I decided to rebel against the gender roles by hopping on the nonbinary bandwagon Because the only way to make the statement that women don’t hafta be a certain typa way is to not identify as a woman… Wait … Huh?

Hot Pockets (Lyrics)

You think you’re gonna bogart on the patriarch Acting like a hot pocket On the side thottin Raising up the temperature Irresistible Then you thrown koniption When they eat you up

The Patriarchy (Poem)

Free loosies Half-price everything Random twenty dollar bills I don’t need to do much of anything Bat my eyes Flaunt my hips