Biden the Tyrant (Poem)

Biden the Tyrant And his yellow gang of scrooges Uprooting impunity with an intricate web of lies They got their hooks in Daughter Zion Wrapped in perfectly packaged silk As they repeatedly regurgitate the carcass trapped inside

No Love Found (Scripture)

And YHWH said to Maria: Tell these words to the Harlot IsraHELL: Regardless of who you think you are or what hat you wear, if you are cold blooded enough to be okay with perpetuating transgenerational trauma so you can claim some property then you have no love in you and YHWH, your God will smite you like the serpent you are…

Shattered (Poem)

Just because you’re shattered
Don’t mean that you’re broken
You can shatter many bones without breaking a thing

The Horizon (Poem)

With my eyes fixed on the horizon
Always dreaming and devising
Unceasingly seeking
Never compromising

The Boomerang is Coming (Poem)

Judgment Day is near for all the godless nations
As you have done, so it will be done to you
The boomerang is coming to pillage your coup
Just as they partied on God’s holy mountain
All the godless nations will drink the wrath of God
They’ll drink and drink and drink
They’ll drink themselves to death