Another Shit Mayor

Here we go again. Another know it all who thinks he has what it takes to ‘do what needs to be done’ without asking anybody or thinking about anything but his ego. I ponder if any of these old ‘goats’ will ever bend back their horns in submission to The People. He needs to go […]

Homeless Adventurez (Journal Entry)

I’m thinking of doing the whole homeless thing again when Medicaid stops paying for rehab. This way I can keep my whole paycheck. Fuck paying rent. Homelessness rocks!

Times Square Hustlers (Journal Entry)

Today was quite the eventful day. First I had to do paperwork for an internship as a residential aid in midtown Manhattan; whereupon I took these snazzy pics displayed on my Hell Mary poem.

Harlem Get Up (Poem)

What’s that smell?
I just ate my vomit

Don’t look now
Here comes Harlem

“Excuse me Mrs.
Can you spare some change?

“Excuse me Mrs.
Can you spare some change?

A donut?
Some soup from the Chinese?

I’m hungry
And tired
And living in hell

Please pay the toll when you come where I dwell…”