Sellout a stadium You think you’re something special Push millions of albums You think you’re something else Try so hard to get on Then forget where you came from Just cuz you talk about it Don’t mean you know where you are

Beyonce Migraine

It’s like I loathe prissy females who think they deserve the world on a platter just because they have some typa superficial claim to fame.
Cuz… Naaaah boosh… You belong to God, thus everything you own belongs to God. Your greed and self-centered is thus the most repugnant and nefarious trait one can possibly have. In other words, you’re fuglier than a prolapsed asshole.

Music Sucks (Journal Entry)

I rarely listen to music on purpose. Anytime I do listen is because other people are listening to it. Sometimes I try to listen to music then I get annoyed and end up listening to Eminem. For some reason he’s the only one I can tolerate. His voice is like cock to my ear pussy.

Got No Personlity (Lyrics)

Don’t understand
So I don’t get involved

Dressin is impression
I’m fit to show
Off in a giddy
Better get me on

Front page of news
Sellin ’do that ya’ll’