I Want You (Poem)

 I want to feel you on top of me Run my fingernails up and down your body Savor the warmth of your skin on my lips as I kiss you from head to toe Hear you moan Light up the room with candles then watch you glimmer in it Smell the scent of your skin

Cosmic Plan (Poem)

What is love? If not everything? If not the sum of all things eternally bound in cosmic matrimony? My Love My everything You are the air I forget how to breathe when you’re not around The voice that leads me through the briar patches of my mind You are relief from my weaknesses and praise for my strengths

Mythical Lover (Poem)

Dance with me mythical lover Grant me a tour through your élan vital Enroll me in study of your sacred arts Subject me to your thrall Take me to paradise if but only in my dreams