For Paradise (Lyrics)

All alone in the world Not a liiight in sight Take it in Can’t let go Hold it all inside For the pain in your head For the hole your heart For the knives in your skin What you grateful for? For the sun For the Earth For the rain And the fire For the snakes in the grass For the birds in the skies For the only clouds we will ever reach For our place in time For Paradise

We Will Rise (Poem)

They whose names we must never mention hate freedom Because freedom means we dont have to believe their lies Which means we have the right to think for ourselves Which means one day we will rise

The Horizon (Poem)

With my eyes fixed on the horizon
Always dreaming and devising
Unceasingly seeking
Never compromising

Down with the Bible Candy (Poem)

Down with the Bible Candy Feel good words of sightless guides A distraction from the simple truth that will tear our fucking hydes Sugar coated fallacy is like Spam garnished with gold is like rapists parading the streets on high Black mambas in the snow