Mighty Maria (Journal Entry)

I have few memories of my childhood. As though someone sifted through my mind and selectively erased the parts I didn’t like or couldn’t handle. The memories left behind are a mixture of a youthful vivacity for the wondrous playground that is the outdoors, and an underlining turmoil that both incites and haunts me.

Pulling it Together (Journal Entry)

I’ve been holding back on posting anything on social media for the past seven months or so. I was debating whether to post anything at all, but since I’m back on my poetry kick lately I guess it couldn’t hurt to write a quick update about where I’m at in this point of my recovery.

Broken Pieces (Journal Entry)

I can’t tell if it’s me that is broken or if it’s the world that is broken or if my head is stuck in a box. Or maybe the box is all in my head and I can’t escape because the box makes more sense than the world.

Or maybe we’re all just a bunch of broken pieces scattered in a melee of confusion, trying to connect, yearning to transform into an enchanted castle on a hill, fortified with wisdom and built with enduring love.