pitiful trials (Poem)

All the horrible things I seen people done They Themsemselves Lies lie to everyone All the terrible things I heard people say Forget you I don’t need anybody whose name isn’t me All the pitiful trials I prayed for case closed People need people Rome wasn’t built by one man on one throne Whatever you tell yourself to make the lies feel at home What you refuse to accept to make theft less uncomfortable

That’s the way it goes (Lyrics)

Down side of up Upside of down Wrong side of right Outside of town It’s not alright to feel down It’s not enough to be strong What’s on the news is all the same What’s in their mouths is over rated All the promises are shady They tell us all to settle down That’s the wayeeeee That’s the wayeeeee That’s the wayeeeee That’s the way it goes

Broken Pieces (Journal Entry)

I can’t tell if it’s me that is broken or if it’s the world that is broken or if my head is stuck in a box. Or maybe the box is all in my head and I can’t escape because the box makes more sense than the world.

Or maybe we’re all just a bunch of broken pieces scattered in a melee of confusion, trying to connect, yearning to transform into an enchanted castle on a hill, fortified with wisdom and built with enduring love.